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How to Create a Welcoming Front Porch

May 14, 2015 /

About the Author: Hannah West is a soon-to-be published Young Adult author based in Dallas, TX. She specializes in fiction but enjoys dabbling in diverse writing projects.”  If you could just link to Modernize.com, that would be fantastic!  I also included her image.


How to Create a Welcoming Front Porch

We spend so much time perfecting the inside of our houses–painting, decorating, and tidying up. But aside from sticking a seasonal wreath on the door every few months, many of us don’t pay attention to a livable part of our house that every passerby sees: the porch. A welcoming front porch can convey your sense of hospitality beyond the walls of your house and add the kind of curb appeal that makes passersby look on wistfully.

Divide into Sections

A simple way to make people feel as comfortable outside as they are inside is to mimic the setup of your interior. By separating areas of your porch by function, you’re creating a livable space that everyone can enjoy. For example, if your porch is large, you can have a “mudroom” area, a separate living area, and another area designated for eating. Put a hammock and a piece of furniture with a lamp to create a little reading nook where people can lounge in solitude.

Make the Most of a Small Space


Coordinate with Your Interior

Continuity within and without creates a sense of comfort and warmth. It can be off-putting to approach a front porch with muted, sophisticated colors only to enter a house with lime green walls and a beachy theme. Tie your indoor and outdoor decorating choices together so that the welcoming feel doesn’t stop or start at the doormat.

Replace Your House Numbers

House numbers are such a seemingly small detail, but they can add a great deal of character to the front of your house. Whether the ones you choose are slick and modern or bright and eclectic, any customization is an improvement on plain, barely-visible numbers.

Incorporate Nature

Go crazy bringing the inside outside with comfy furniture and outdoor area rugs–but don’t forget to capitalize on the natural beauty around you with potted plants, trees, homemade wreaths, and of course, pumpkins and hay in the fall! Flank your entryway, stairway, or walkway with flower pots for a truly welcoming look.

Paint Your Door a Bright Color

Red Front Door

Via Newly Woodwards

Neutral and dark colors are always a safe, non-controversial choice for welcoming family, friends, and acquaintances into your home. But painting your door a bright color is one of the simplest ways you can customize your front porch and make a statement about your style to everyone on the block. It’s also a great way to incorporate your favorite color without infuriating the neighbors–few people want to live next door to a teal house, but a teal door can be a classy way to add fun to your outdoor decor.


For more DIY ideas and other tips and tricks, head to Modernize.com.

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