About the Town of Whitehall

Yes, it's true. We are building a town.

It’s where you want to be.


Whitehall will be a place that honors and caters to everyday life, with new homes and businesses of all types and sizes on friendly, tree-lined streets.

Where a stroll down the block will take you just about anywhere you need to go. To school. To friends. To canal trails. To the park. To stores and offices at just the right scale and character for our emerging town.

Whitehall is more than just a dream. It’s more than an idea. It exists in the form of partnerships among companies and institutions looking to play a role, and in the desires of everyday people looking for a better place — a real town — to call home.

Meet the Town Founders

EDiS Company

Town Founder, Brian DiSabatino

Brian is CEO of the EDiS Company, a family-held development and construction firm headquartered in Delaware since 1908 that has provided design, construction and facility management services on dozens of iconic projects. Brian has worked in all facets of the family’s businesses and now oversees planning, construction and facility management projects in Delaware, Southeastern Pennsylvania, South Jersey and Maryland’s Eastern Shore. He has been recognized for his leadership in regional business groups, non-profits and community service organizations.

Eastern States Group

Town Founder, Rich Julian

Rich Julian is the president of Eastern States Group. Founded in 1953 and based in Delaware, the Eastern States Group includes subsidiary companies focusing on land acquisition, land development, homebuilding, site and infrastructure construction, marketing, sales, leasing and other components of land development and project management. In the last 20 years, the group has developed or partnered in the development of 2,334 standing homes in 26 communities.

The Welfare Foundation

Town Founder, Robert Bolling, Jr.

The town is emerging today but its history dates all the way back to 1984, when the foundation, chaired by Robert H. Bolling Jr., purchased the 2,000 acre parcel of land from Delmarva Power. The Trustees believed that acquiring the land would be a great, long-term investment in Delaware’s communities. Then in 2003, Mr. Bolling spearheaded a partnership with EDiS Company and Eastern States Group to create a legacy project that would one day enhance the lives of Delaware residents and inspire future community development projects. Almost a decade after that partnership was formed, the Foundation’s vision became a reality in The Town of Whitehall. In 2017, Whitehall transferred ownership and control to their development partners EDiS Company and Eastern States Development.