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Eastern States Development & EDiS Company Celebrate Next Chapter at Whitehall

November 9, 2017 /

Today, the original land owners of Whitehall announced the transfer of control of the development to Delaware builders, Eastern States Development and EDiS Company. The Welfare Foundation, Inc., an 87-year-old nonprofit foundation has made strategic decision to transfer control and ownership so that they can focus on their core mission, philanthropy.


According to Welfare Foundation CEO, Peter Morrow,  “We are proud to have provided the spark for this effort to create a new town that offers a better way to live, improves community, and provides an inspiration for future development,” stated Welfare Chief Executive Officer Peter Morrow. “We have no doubt that it will one day become the lasting legacy that our late chairman, Robert Bolling, Jr., had envisioned when he started us on this journey over 15 years ago,” explained Morrow. “At the same time, the Trustees feel that now that the project is off the ground and is gaining considerable traction, it is time for us to get back to our core mission,” Morrow concluded.


“We know we are leaving things in good hands with our partners who have not only been with us since the beginning and who really helped to create the vision, but who also have over two centuries of development and construction experience combined in this community,” stated Chris Grundner, Welfare’s Chief Operating Officer. “While we will no longer be involved in the day-to-day activities at Whitehall, we will certainly be cheering for its continued success and growth in the years to come,” Grundner added. “With the new elementary school set to open in the fall of 2019 and the new 301 bypass nearing completion, I am confident that the excitement at Whitehall will continue to build.”


“We are thrilled to continue the dream that is Whitehall and that we started several years ago with our incredible partner, the Welfare Foundation,” stated Brian DiSabatino, CEO of EDiS Company. “The unprecedented vision and leadership of the Welfare Foundation laid the foundation for this groundbreaking community and we are honored and privileged to be vested with the responsibility to continue implementing that vision. I am convinced that Whitehall is a community that all others will be measured against,” DiSabatino continued. “Considering the significant momentum we’ve gained in 2017, this is an exciting time for Whitehall,” added Rich Julian, President of Eastern States Development Corporation.




About Welfare Foundation:

Originally formed in 1930 by Pierre S. du Pont and headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, the Welfare Foundation is an IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that uses its assets and the income they generate to promote the social welfare of people and communities in Delaware and southern Chester County, Pennsylvania. The foundation has made charitable gifts of well over $300 million since its inception (www.welfarefoundationde.org).


About EDiS Company:

EDiS Company is a 109-year-old regional construction company that has built many local icons. Known for their excellence in construction, the people of EDiS make countless contributions to local causes and charities. EDiS was recently lauded by the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce as the 2017 Superstar in Business (www.ediscompany.com).


About Eastern States Development Company:

Eastern States Development Company is a 3rd generation, family owned and operated real estate development company that specializes in new residential communities in northern Delaware. Eastern States Development Company is part of the Eastern States Group of companies, which includes Benchmark Builders, Eastern States Construction Service, Eastern States Leasing, and Sentinel Self Storage. (www.easternstatesgroup.com).

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