The Town of Whitehall

It’s your new hometown.

It's true! We're building it right now, just for you. Interested in taking advantage of pre-construction pricing on new homes or want to learn more? Just click the button below to get started!
We look forward to welcoming you home!

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It's Where You Live

The Town of Whitehall is a place where you will love, laugh, and wonder with the whole family. We're building more than just a town of homes; we're building you a real hometown where generations grow as the community that surrounds them continues to flourish.


It's Where You Play

When you step outside of your home, an engaging and whimsical community awaits you. Within a 5-minute walk from your doorstep is the opportunitiy for something new to do and something exciting to be a part of. Sure, there's lots of things to do outside of The Town of Whitehall but we have a feeling that you're going to find it tough to leave.


It's Where You Prosper

The Town of Whitehall connects you to a fast-growing economic region that's bustling with a rich and vibrant culture. With these connections so close to home, craftsman and entrepreneurs at Whitehall will have no trouble discovering a place to set up shop or finding the inspiration to fuel the next big idea.